Star Wars Tales es una serie de cómics publicada por Dark Horse Comics que inició el 29 de septiembre, 1999 y terminó el 13 de julio de 2005. Cada número es un compendio de historias de varias eras en la línea del tiempo de Star Wars. Aunque las historias no tienen relación entre ellas, muchos de los números se centraban en un sólo personaje, grupo o era. Cada historia varía en longitud, con seis historias más o menos por número, lo que da en total 64 páginas. Cada número era producido con dos portadas, una ilustrada y otra un photo-cover.

Los primeros 20 números fueron etiquetados como Infinitos, es decir, no son canon Star Wars (Pero pueden cambiar cuando se vean referenciados por una historia canon).

Artistas notables

Autor Contribucion(es) Otros trabajos notables
Sergio AragonésJunkheap Hero, Spare PartsMAD Magazine, Groo the Wanderer
Jeremy BarlowRather Darkness VisibleEmpire, Clone Wars Adventures
Haden BlackmanRevenants, Single Cell, Into the Great UnknownRepublic, Clone Wars Adventures
Jan DuursemaDeal With a Demon, Single Cell, GhostRepublic, Legacy
Ian EdgintonLando's Commandos: On Eagles' Wings, A Hot Time in the Cold Town Tonite, Honor Bound2000 AD, Scarlet Traces
Cam KennedyTales 18 coverDark Empire
Ron MarzExtinction, ResurrectionDarth Maul, Empire
John OstranderDeal With a Demon, Bad BusinessRepublic, Legacy
Kilian PlunkettSand Blasted, First ImpressionsShadows of the Empire, The Clone Wars
Randy StradleyJedi ChefCrimson Empire, Jedi Council: Acts of War
Ryder WindhamThank the Maker!Republic, Missions
Timothy ZahnMara Jade: A Night on the TownThrawn Trilogy, Hand of Thrawn Duology

Lista de números en Star Wars Tales

Números considerados infinities

(Note: Algunas historias en estos números, como "Lady Luck" en el número #3 por Rich Handley y Darko Macan, han hecho referencia en otras Fuentes, tomándolas como canónicas.)

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Star Wars Tales Volume 1

Star Wars Tales Volume 2

Star Wars Tales Volume 3

Star Wars Tales Volume 4

Star Wars Tales Volume 5

Números canónicos

Star Wars Tales Volume 6


Star Wars Tales
Tales 1: - Life, Death, and the Living Force - Mara Jade: A Night on the Town - Extinction, Part 1 - Skippy the Jedi Droid - Senshi
Tales 2: - Routine - Extinction, Part 2 - Stop That Jawa! - Incident at Horn Station
Tales 3: - The Death of Captain Tarpals - Deal with a Demon - Lady Luck - Three Against the Galaxy
Tales 4: - Moment of Doubt - A Death Star Is Born - Spare Parts - Sand Blasted
Tales 5: - Yaddle's Tale: The One Below - What They Called Me - A Summer's Dream - Hoth - Lando's Commandos: On Eagles' Wings
Tales 6: - The Hovel on Terk Street - A Hot Time in the Cold Town Tonite! - Fortune, Fate, and the Natural History of the Sarlacc - Junkheap Hero - The Hidden - Thank the Maker!
Tales 7: - Single Cell - Nerf Herder - Jedi Chef - Outbid But Never Outgunned - Force Fiction
Tales 8: - Captain Threepio - The One That Got Away - The Secret Tales of Luke's Hand - Death Star Pirates - Bad Business
Tales 9: - Resurrection - Hate Leads to Lollipops - The Rebel Four
Tales 10: - Trooper - Skreej - Nameless - A Wookiee Scorned - Free Memory
Tales 11: - Prey - In the Beginning - The Princess Leia Diaries - Tall Tales - Ghost
Tales 12: - A Day in the Life - A Jedi's Weapon - The Revenge of Tag & Bink - Once Bitten - The Duty
Tales 13: - Puzzle Peace - The Secret of Tet-Ami - Survivors - Stones - The Sith in the Shadow - Children of the Force
Tales 14: - Apocalypse Endor - The Emperor's Court - Urchins - Tides of Terror - The Lesson - Smuggler's Blues - Mythology
Tales 15: - Sandstorm - First Impressions - Falling Star - Do or Do Not - Slippery Slope - Lucky Stars
Tales 16: - The Other - Best Birthday Ever - The Long, Bad Day - Kessel Run - Lunch Break - Heart of Darkness
Tales 17: - Planet of the Dead - All for You - Phantom Menaces - Ghosts of Hoth - The Apprentice - Dark Journey
Tales 18: - Number Two in the Galaxy - Payback - Being Boba Fett - The Way of the Warrior - Revenants
Tales 19: - Collapsing New Empires - The Value of Proper Intelligence to Any Successful Military Campaign is Not to Be Underestimated - Rather Darkness Visible - The Rebel Club - The Lost Lightsaber - Into the Great Unknown - Storyteller
Tales 20: - George R. Binks - Who's Your Daddy - Fred Jawa - Luke Skywalker: Detective - Hunger Pains - Failing Up With Jar Jar Binks - Nobody's Perfect - Problem Solvers - Melvin Fett - Young Lando Calrissian
Tales 21: - Nomad Chapter One - Walking the Path That's Given - Equals and Opposites
Tales 22: - Honor Bound - Nomad Chapter Two - Marooned
Tales 23: - Shadows and Light - Nomad Chapter Three - Lucky
Tales 24: - Marked - Fett Club - Unseen, Unheard - Nomad Chapter Four
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